Carl Zeiss Photomicroscope I with Automatic Exposure Control, Lenses, Extra Parts
This microscope was removed from service from a local hospital. I repair microscopes for a living, and took this microscope in trade for preventive maintenance on other microscopes in the laboratory.
This is an excellent, high quality microscope, clean and is in good working order. This microscope has a 35mm camera built into the arm and takes photomicrographs, however you can attach a digital camera to the port as well, since film isn’t easily acquired these days. The power supply for the lamp and the automatic exposure console are the two separate units.
This microscope has excellent resolution and all movements operate smoothly. The microscope has recently been lubricated, aligned, adjusted and checked for proper operation.
Brightfield illumination is provided by a 12 volt, 60 watt tungsten Illuminator. A 35 mm film magazine, seen on the side of the microscope, holds the film. The projection hood on the top of the microscope allows multiple viewers to observe the slide.  The objective lenses on this microscope are worth several thousand dollars alone.
  • Zeiss Plan Achromatic 2.5X objective
  • Zeiss Neo Fluar  6.3X, 16X, 40X, 100X objectives
  • Zeiss PlanApo 100X objective is available (not shown in photographs)
  • Zeiss 1.3 Numerical Aperture Condenser
  • Zeiss KPL (top of the line) Eyepieces
  • 1X, 1.25, 1.5X optivar (varies the magnification) and phase telescope
  • Projection hood for multiple observation

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