Micro-Serv offers Full Service Preventive Maintenance on all brands of light microscopes. We service bright-field, fluorescent, phase contrast, darkfield, d.i.c., surgical, stereo, toolmakers' scopes and reflected light microscopes used in industry.  We specialize in microscopes with video cameras & monitors, microscopes for photomicrography and other specialized microscopes. We are also Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers.
Micro-Serv has been in operation since 1982 and our technicians received factory training from Zeissã and Olympusã.  Micro-Serv’s Full Service Preventive Maintenance plan surpasses other vendors in attention to detail. Clients benefiting from our services include hospitals, veterinarians, clinics, doctor’s offices, research facilities, industrial accounts, universities and schools.
Micro-Serv’s Full Service Preventive Maintenance Plan includes the following:
  • Disassemble the microscope to enable thorough cleaning.
  • Remove grit and grease from knurled knobs & knurled surfaces.
  • Remove old & apply fresh lubricant to the stage mechanism, & adjust stage motion if possible.
  • Clean the exterior and interior approachable surfaces.
  • Clean, inspect, & adjust accessible optics and filters.
  • Remove oil from inside of condenser if necessary.
  • Clean, lubricate, & adjust the focus mechanism & other mechanical functions.
  • Clean and align the light source.
  • Check the electrical system for faulty wiring and correct if necessary.
  • Reassemble the instrument & align to establish K`hler illumination.
  • Check the microscope throughout for proper operation.
  • Minor repairs performed free of charge.
  • Advise the customer of any service problems and apply dated sticker to microscope.
Services for Specialty microscopes include:
  • Clean, adjust and align the fluorescent light source.
  • Install and align new mercury lamp if needed.
  • Clean and adjust the video camera.
  • Clean and adjust the 35 mm, Polaroid or digital camera(s).
  • Clean and check the shutter.

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